Sorry, but we’re not the type of company that likes to pitch people with statements like:

  • “Like the idea of building something useful?” or
  • “Enjoy being part of an energetic team?” or
  • “Does an environment where everyone is a contributor to the end result appeal to you?” or

OK, you get the idea, and besides, you’re probably reading this on the Boss’s time anyway. Look, we’ve had great growth, and are proud of the company we’re building. There are folks here that started right out of college, or came here to escape college, or started with us when their kids were out of college, and some that never even heard of college…

One of our current tasks is to assemble the largest GIS team in the history of the World (and Mars, but Jupiter is a bit daunting).

There’s opportunity with Jungle Lasers, LLC in our New Jersey, Massachusetts and California offices. We’re on the lookout for conscientious and ambitious people who think the stuff we do is interesting, and would like to know more about how (and where) they might fit in.

If you’re interested in any area of our businesses, including:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Production
  • Document Management Solutions
  • Software Development
  • Et cetera and ad nauseum, and

Whether you are an Engineer, Architect, etc., or just a person looking for a great opportunity, get in touch!

By the way, did we mention “Equal Opportunity Employer”, because we are?